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Save It Go Process

Sign Up:

A simple sign up after downloading the app is all you have to do to get access to your own file manager. Once that is done, you can set your profile on the Save it Go app.

Add Project:

Once you create your profile, you can add projects and save it using tags that relate to the project i.e. if you are saving a social media image for a restaurant, you can use #socialmedia #restaurant to store it. This will create and save your file on our platform.

Add Document:

You can add documents of any format including videos, images or document file to your project on Save it go and work on it.

Add Member:

If you are working in a team, the Add Member option allows you to add your team members to access the projects that you have created and the documents that you have added to it. You can then work in coordination with the other members of your team and also get updates about work through notifications.

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How It Work

The name itself speaks for what the Mobile App does - Saving your Files on the Go!
To use the App, you need to register and once you are done, you make way for a hassle-free File Management & Sharing.
All you have to do is make your project, save it using relevant tags and when you want the project back, just type the tag and you have the file that you want without looking out for its name!

Our Purpose

We have upgraded when it comes to information but when it comes to retrieving that information, say something that you have stored 10 years back and need now, isn't it like finding a needle in a haystack?

So we have come up with an idea of storing and sorting information of all types using just Tags that can be easily remembered and with the help of AI, we store other attributes associated with the file like its location, time and other important details that help in indexing and retrieving the data from the pool.


Cluttered Yet Organized

Everything that you create lies in the pool but is available to you at super-speed just with a few appropriate tags. Have everything at a few taps and collaborate with your co-workers by sharing projects from your personal information pool. Stay informed about everything that happens within your project with smart notifications and keep track of your files and work done on it. You can now focus on more important tasks than organizing your documents and leave the rest on Save it go!

  • User-Friendly50%
  • Scalable60%
  • Responsive60%
  • Intuitive60%

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